Barossa Fruit Wines

Welcome to Barossa Fruit Wines

We invite you to savour the taste, enjoy the colours and aromas of wines made from locally grown fruit, without using grapes!

These wines add a new dimension to formal and informal dining and offer a great way to relax and socialise.

Making Fruit Wine

Although in making wines from fruit other than grapes, the method is similar, but there is more hand processing and preparation.

Whole fruit is used rather than using juice. Acid content is balanced and the must is fermented to dryness which takes longer than grape wines to reach maturity. The finished wine is then sweetened as required.

The Wine Maker

The founder of the winery became interested in fruit wine making from an early age.
His fascination with the variety of colours and flavours produced from fruit and other produce prompted him to follow in his grandparent’s footsteps.

Picking sloes (wild plums) from the hedgerows he made his first wine as a gift to his delighted parents as an accompaniment to their Christmas Dinner.

The rest is history!


Patience finally rewarded!

Summer Holidays

Christmas has been and gone, we celebrated with family here at Barossa Fruit Wines. We've been down the beach, walked along the jetty eating a triple rum and raisin ice-cream....

Kangaroos in our top paddock


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