Barossa Fruit Wines

Q.  How long have you been making fruit wines?
A.  Fifty plus years, it has been a family tradition. We opened our Cellar Door for tasting and sales on this site in April 2001, as Concordia Fruit Wines.

Q. When did you change to Barossa Fruit Wines?
A.  April 2006. The launch was in conjunction with the Gawler Gourmet and Heritage Festival.

Q.  What is the tasting order?
A.  Decide whether you prefer sweeter or drier table and dessert wines, then attempt to match it with a favoured fruit.

Q. How sweet are these wines?
A. The degree of sweetness compares with other dessert and table wines.

Q. Do you use grapes? Is the wine fortified?
A. No grapes, or grape products are used. The fermenting process provides sufficient alcohol to make a good wine.

Q. Where do you get your fruit? What makes you decide on which varieties to make?
A. Most is grown on site, or from the Barossa Valley Regions and nearby Adelaide Hills, Quandongs are from the Flinders Ranges. We choose fruit grown in a healthy environment.

Q. Fruit Wines are not generally known, where did the idea come from?
A. This an old tradition which dates back to early civilization. In cold countries people used fruit, flowers, vegetables, grains and other produce to make wines which were used for medicines and various health or social benefits.

Q. Do you only put wine in 375ml bottles?
A. Yes. Our research found that the bottles are attractive to people who are new to fruit wines, or need a small amount to consume in a short time, also for gift giving, and as souvenirs.

Q. How long do the wines keep in the cellar, and also after opening?
A. Wines should keep from 2 to 5 years, depending on how they cellared. Once opened, the recorked wine will keep for about 4 weeks in a refrigerator, often longer if required.

Q. Does the alcohol content vary with varieties
A. Alcohol content in most cases is comparable to ordinary table wines. In most of our wines this is about 12 to 14% alcohol by volume.

Q. How many varieties do you make?
A. We have 12 varieties on our current list.

Q. Can we buy the wines elsewhere?
A. Currently only from the cellar door or online here We are negotiating new outlets

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Summer Holidays

Christmas has been and gone, we celebrated with family here at Barossa Fruit Wines. We've been down the beach, walked along the jetty eating a triple rum and raisin ice-cream....

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